Our Value


We are a loving giving serving person. We commit to love, give and serve all Gistex stakeholders according to the Gistex vision, mission and value in order to achieve harmony

* Stakeholder : customer, team member, supplier, shareholder, environment.


Generosity 1Generosity 2 

Integrity start from us.  We always comunicate the truth positively forgood purposes.  We always stick to the promises and take responsibility for our action and our result. We will firstly change before we ask others to change. And we commit to uphold our integrity at all time. We will not tolerate anything that  deterioate our working environment.


We live a successful life, We’re focussing our mind, body and soul to succed. We success when We can do something usefull to the people around  us by being part of Gistex, we  know we’re adding value to the society.


We’re  a team player. We do whatever it takes to achieve Gistex goals. We  focus on co-operation and always come to a solution. We are  flexible and able to change if what We do is not working or not generating result as originally planned. We  will ask for help when We  need it and We will help others who need us.


We consistenly learn and grow  to be an expert person, so that we can help our team member and all people around us to learn, grow, and master too. We are knowledgeable and love to share our knowledge to reach a better future for all of us.

Education 1 Education 2

We consistenly deliver outstanding or extraordinary quality  products and services that add value for long term. Great just isn’t good  enough so we challenge our self for continuous improvement through innovation and creativity.

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