Our Passion






Grow from good to great company. As we use this term "Great" means double digit revenue and profit growth each year from more

Innovation that serve our customer needs worldwide. It will surely require that we become more

Service oriented company instead of product company. We sincerely believe that

Together we can achieve this change, and make GISTEX a more

Excitting place to work than other competitor. In the process GISTEX will be a

Xtraordinary company for stakeholder, customers, employees, and environtment


to be a value

To be a valuable asset for the nation, communities, and investors.

to be company which provides facilities

To be a company which provides facilities to the organization’s members to reach their dreams.

to be prominentTo be the prominent company that has services and products which customers looking for.

To be the prominent company which dedicated to services and products for the customers.