Our Journey

Since the establishment of its first plant in 1975, in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia, PT Gistex has shown rapid and strong growth. During its early stage, Gistex primarily manufactured commercial spun weaving fabrics: T/C, cotton, rayon, etc. It took us before we commenced production of spun, dyeing, printing and finishing.

Before long, the company has significantly broadened its global activities by starting to seek opportunities to penetrate overseas markets. This effort proved to exhibit rapid and strong growth.

New processing units at Lagadar began to manufacture polyester woven and weaving with technological support from Sunkyoung, Korea, with a capacity of 1,2 million yard/month. This soon increased to 3 million yard/ month.

In 1993, Gistex received the Primaniyarta Award from the Indonesia Government as the “Highest Achiever of Non – Oil and Gas Exporter.”

The Strategic alliance with Korea and Japanese partners to form PT Gistex Chewon Synthetic has made the company better able to manufacture special textured yarn and special highly twisted fabrics. After the establishment of this joint venture, the company was awarded the “Asian Development Best Economic Executive Award 2000-2001.”

Here with the detail history of Gistex from 1975 onward:


Our family business was founded 38 years ago. Our main building and plants are located in Bandung, Indonesia. We first started as PT. Gistex, and primarily produced commercial spun weaving fabrics : T/C, cotton, rayon, etc.

Install Capacity : 1.2 million yard/month.


We established spun dyeing / printing / finishing mills with technical know-how from Nitobo partners.
Install Capacity : 2 million yard/month.


Modernization of our spun dyeing, printing and finishing facilities to penetrate the world market from home market. We started to export our spun fabrics for various export market. Within 10 years, we grew to become a reliable spun-supplier for local market and as one of the leading textile producer.


Lagadar and Nanjung Processing Unit began operations of a polyester weaving & processing with Sunkyoung know-how.
Install Capacity : 1 million yard/month. Polyester processing plant is opened with capacity 1 million.


We installed 144 sets of shuttle loom’s to increase polyester weaving.
Install Capacity : 1.2 million yard/month.


We established a new polyester processing plant to upgrade product capacity. We acquired a “Primaniyarta Award” from the Indonesia government as “The Highest Achiever In non-Oil & Gas Exporter”


Purwakarta Weaving Unit is completed with another new polyester Weaving Unit in West Java Indonesia. We executed a number of projects to expand Lagadar Weaving Unit and Lagadar Processing Unit.

We established PT. Gistex Chewon Synthetic (G & C) with other Korean and Japanese Company to produce special texturizing yarns and special high-twisted fabrics.
Install Capacity : 400 ton/month.

We official launched PT. Gistex Nisshinbo Indonesia (G & N) as an alliance with Japanese Company to Specialize in cotton dyeing.
Install Capacity : 2.5 million yard/month.

Lagadar Weaving Unit equipped more facilities to produce high twisted and high quality spun or filament fabric using natural yarns. Nanjung Processing Unit modernized its production lines to process high quality viscose fabric and other special spun fabrics.
Install printing capacity 500.000 yard/month.


2004 - 2006

Lagadar Processing Unit increased additional dyeing and printing.
Install Capacity : 3.5 million yard/month.

Weaving polyester capacity increased to 1.6 yard/month.

G&C Unit in increase capacity to 1.000 ton/month.

April 2000 Achievement:

“Asean Development Best Economic Executive Awards 2000-2001”
All units are certified for the ISO 9002.


PT Gistex bought some new machine for production support.


Dyeing unit is upgraded.


In this time, PT Gistex installed some new machine for integrated Dyeing Production System.


From 2010 until now, we continuously upgrade the machine and the building and also PT Gistex Nishinbo Indonesia apart from PT Gistex with processing capacity achieve 3 million yard/month and weaving production result has been achieved 2,3 million yard/month. We Commit to get Green Proper From Ministry of Environment Indonesia.

We Want to show that we can become the only one textile industry company which can get the Green Industry that we usually said with “Gistex Go Green”. Gistex Go Green is a realization of our case with our environment and we realised with doing more and balance contribution we can keep and serve our the environment In our company and outside our company.


2011 - 2013

This period is a business resurrection of Gistex. We kept replacing old machines with new technology to improve the quantity and quality of the fabrics production. Gistex launched 3 million yard/month production capacity and it reached 2.9 million yard/month. Gistex’s markets  are primarily Midde East and Europe. From year to year Gistex is striving to be a greener industry.  “Gistex Go Green” is a proof of its concern to environment and a willingness to do more things to help the environment, both inside and outside the company.