Our Commitment


Gistex, environment, and society are one that cannot be separated. Gistex is responsible to protect the environment preservation since its establishment. Gistex chooses raw materials that are environment friendly. Gistex does not dispose waste to the river, but does some cultivating programmes around the mills areas.

Since 1987, Gistex has imposed waste water filtration system in order to avoid environmental pollution. The enhancement of handling waste water is continuously implemented. In 2012, Gistex built water recycle program with billions rupiah investment. Through this program, the waste water of the mills is recycled so that it can be reused for production process.

Waste Water Treatment

Gistex carried out the waste disposal of water treatment and coal carefully. This commitment is proved by the cooperation with waste container company that has official permission from the government.
The cultivation around the mills area is also an effort to support “Go Green” programme. It was started from the first establishment of Gistex and is  held periodically. Gistex plans to enhance the cultivation to the outer part of the mill area. Gistex has done a survey and make some approach to third parties.

Water Treatment

Through the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme, Gistex has given real contribution to the environment around. The programs are home visits, mass circumcisions, 10,000 foster children, blood donor,  and entreprenurship and skill training for people around Gistex.

Gistex also concerns to people around Desa Lagadar, Kec. Marga Asih, Kab. Soreang by giving wellbore donations. 18 drill points were already built by Gistex.
Gistex monitores the wells to make sure they work well. Gistex will build health clinics around the area. That means there will be good relationship between Gistex and people there.

Gistex reached "BIRU" predicate from the Ministry of Environment.

“Our main goal is not to get high profit, but to make benefit for the environment.” (Gistex)