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Cellphones have been in mainstream usage for under two decades, and yet “radiation-induced brain tumors normally take about 10 to 15 years to develop,” wrote M. Nathaniel Mead in a 2008 essay for the journal Environmental Health Perspectives.

In 2015, nearly 200 scientists from across the world signed an open letter urging the United Nations and the World Health Organization to develop stricter rules around wireless technology and public health. Their concerns weren’t limited to cellphones,

but included a slew of devices like baby monitors, WiFi, cordless phones, and so on.

A National Toxicology Program study last year found that male rats exposed to cellphone radiation for about nine hours a day over a two-year period more likely to develop malignant tumors like glioma.

Other studies have found correlations between long-term cellphone use and glioma – especially among people who exclusively hold the phone to the same side of their head. A 2010 paper in the International Journal of Epidemiology found people with the highest level of cellphone use, about 30 minutes a day over a 10-year period, had a 40 percent higher risk for glioma, compared with those who used cellphones less frequently.

Each year, around fifteen million babies are born in China, and the occurrence of birth defects is growing at an alarming rate. According to the China Maternal and Infant Health Development Report, 149 of every 10,000 births were affected in 2010, compared to 88 in 1996. The increase coincides with the growing availability and affordability of electrical appliances.

Anti-electromagnetic radiation maternity wear industry had thrived in China since the mid-nineties: apparently, protective jumpers, dresses and blankets were now a must-have for a pregnant woman. For a long time, no one in China had ever really questioned the effectiveness of anti-radiation maternity clothes; The trend still continues today and it has grown into a lucrative fashion business - with prices for the dresses ranging from approximately $60 to $300. The industry was once based almost solely on one product – the apron dress. Nowadays, a variety of other options are available, including pants, shirts, and underwear.

Silver-ion maternity clothing proved effective at blocking 90 percent of electromagnetic waves coming from in front of the wearer. These findings were in contrast to the claims of manufacturers, who regularly stated that their best products blocked 99.99 percent of everyday radiation coming from computers, televisions, mobile phones, microwaves, and many other modern electronic devices.

While such clothes were able to block most frontal electromagnetic waves, they actually served to magnify the intensity of the waves hitting parts of the body not covered by the clothing. Experiments conducted by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, led by scientist Chen Feng, found that the clothing actually increased exposure by trapping radiation inside, much like a greenhouse.

“Experimental results show that under real life circumstances ... the anti-radiation clothing intensifies the radiation. … When the electromagnetic waves get inside the garment from other directions, there are no outlets for them to be dispersed. You are actually exposed to a higher level of radiation influence.”

We need new solutions to protect our self from cell phone radiation.

How Can We Determine What Is The Best Anti Radiation Suit For Us?

“Allow your body to choose what’s best for you because your body never lies”

(Dr. George Goodheart-USA)

The Best Anti Radiation Suit Should Be The One That Is Best For Our Health!

Who Gets To Decide What Type Of Anti Radiation Suit Is The Healthiest ? What Are The Criteria? What Are The Theories That Support This?

A man by the name of Dr. Goodheart has a motto: “your body never lies”, and this is actually the answer. If we need the best anti radiation suit in order to achieve health, then you have to find the most ideal suit for your body.

Because, the truth is, the best answer can only be given by someone who has the same concerns as us. Therefore, the best method to find the most ideal anti radiation suit for you can only be found by asking your own body intelligence for the answer.

By using Kinesiology, our body intelligence is capable of recognizing the most ideal anti radiation suit through its own reflexes and meridian system.

From the beginning, we has used this principle to choose the most ideal facility, components, method and team to make our anti radiation suit. We have developed lines of the most ideal method to find the most ideal anti radiation suit for you. All of these products were made as a result of studying your body Intelligence. All of our anti radiation suit's component from yarn to fabric, method and team have been carefully selected and refined to reflect the principles we listed above.

Our products that can help you to maintain your health better because our anti radiation suit works up to the body’s meridian level. These products will boost your Life-Energy level and your meridian system whenever you use it. All products have been proved through Kinesiology method That is the reason our anti radiation suit is revived to its higher beneficial properties's level in strengthening the body. The level that can make them to be the most ideal anti radiation suit for you in neutralizing cell phone radiation in your body.

There is an amazing product from Indonesia that is expected to shake the world in Paris Expo Texworld 2017. Apparently now an anti-radiation clothing base on the Body Intelligence principle is present. This products can help you to maintain your health better because this anti-radiation suit works up to the body’s meridian level.

Whenever you use it, it will protect your meridian channel and the life energy inside it. All of the products have been proved through Kinesiology method. That is the reason why this anti-radiation suit is revived to its higher beneficial property level in strengthening the body to be the most ideal anti-radiation suit for you in neutralizing cellphone radiation in your body.

This technology is the result of research done by one of Indonesia’s biggest textile company called PT GISTEX INDONESIA. Over the years, this multi-national company is known with its innovative product’s innovation that is able to made its name in the world of textile. This recipient of the primaniyarta award given by Indonesia’s current president, Jokowi, is also known as one of the Indonesia’s best textile manufacture and exporter. And this time, they are using their textile and cloth making latest technology base on the principle of Indonesia’s ancestors in determining materials and methods to make the best product to build the vibrant world.

This technology is considered the best in the history of PT GISTEX INDONESIA and the fabrics is called H2C.

H2C is able to make the body comfortable up to the meridian level as well as the ability to withstand your phone’s radiation is no longer a dream. This product is planned to be launched at Texworld Paris, Booth H4 | 411 Paris Le Bourget Exhibition Centre Carrefour Charles Lindbergh Le Bourget – France, at 18-21 September 2017.

Congratulation to Indonesia, for its world’s most valuable breakthrough product.

The future of fitness, fashion and beauty – powered by a vibrant world technology base on the principle of Indonesia’s ancestors about body intelligence, harmony and vibrant living. That can help people around the world to live healthier, happier, more beautiful and empowered for the rest of their life, to support Indonesia as a land of harmony for the fulfillment of world peace and harmony.

A good product isn’t just something that you can’t resist pulling off the shelf. It’s the satisfaction of a human need, packaged into something that can be yours.

Your body never lies