Corporate Social Responsibility

Sharing will not make us poor, it will increase our wisdom, knowledge, and wealth” (Gistex)

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is one of many activities large companies do to prevent various problems around the environment and it has been practiced since the last twenty years.

In Indonesia, CSR is appreciated by the government by giving an award to companies who do CSR. Gistex has got an award for its activity of PROPER from the Ministry of Environment in "BIRU" color level.

That was the beginning of Gistex’s programs in CSR. The mission of Gistex’s Corporate Social Responsibility is sharing concept. Gistex has committed to share with its environment through various aids based on the environment needs.

The CSR activities that Gistex has done were cleaning the streets from garbage, doing home visits, executing the 10,000 foster children program, and the newest was community development.


Blood Donation in Purwakarta

If you remember that on February 7th, 2015 PT.GISTEX Bandung has organized blood donation event successfully and exceeding the target. Therefore, PT.GISTEX Purwakarta do not want to miss to hold similar event.

Blood Donation

Blood Donation usually used to for social activities and health, it have a another function like to lose weight. It’s so fit in for a person that do a diet program.

Free Medical Check Up by GISCare Foundation

At 7 PM the committee activities "Pemeriksaan Kesehatan Gratis" who are employees had gathered at the office GISTEX Corporation located in Braga, Bandung. The morning was cloudy with spotty drizzle but the spirit of the committee does not recede to...

Eye Examination and Cataract Surgery

  Monday, May 19th  2014 CSR of PT.GISTEX organize social activities "Eye Examination" for residents around the company. Activities that work with Eye Hospital Cicendo started at 9 AM WIB. Approximately 72 people participated in the "Eye...

Entrepreneurship Training

  “Though it is not easy to build entrepreneurship spirit in people, we will continue doing this program to make Indonesia better.” (Gistex)

Visits Home

  “Share and feel their happiness” (Gistex)

Khitanan Massal

  A Mass Circumcision was held in 2009 for some unfortunate Muslim boys. In the event, Gistex funded circumcision cost for approximately 25 children. The same event was held again in 2011 with 26 children. Today, this mass circumcision event was...

10,000 Foster Children

  “If a nation wants to go forward, it has to start with education.” (Gistex) Gistex has done many collaboration with its surroundings, such as schools and regional heads to gather about 10,000 foster children until 2017. This program was...